An entire movie going experience in your home.

Theater choices a homeowner must make are overwhelming. Let dB Designs simplify them! Our designs are all carefully considered for your budget and final impact. "Ground up" concepts, utilizing the correct people for each task. From Media libraries to lighting and automation, to acoustics, architecture, and interior design. Each one requires so many detailed and special considerations. Many poorly developed designs reflect a desire to look aesthetically pleasing, a "veneer" of results, instead of money wisely spent. dB designs will create the right solution for each customer, regardless of budget. Audio Design Associates and Genelec are just some of our great products incorpoorated in our designs.

Wifi and Beyond.

Allow dB Designs to install and enhance your home networking and media needs. We make the confusing parts of home networks, simple! Computers offer many time saving and entertainment options. We sort through and explain these options to you, before you make any decisions. Cameras you can view while traveling. Control video and MP3 libraries. Theater and light control and more. Wiring your residence for future networking needs? dB Designs has wired and terminated all types of data, audio and video connections. We will carefully arrange the components required for your digital needs into a simple to access, and easily controllable, media experience! We do free surveys for all work.

Crystal clear images custom tailored to your environment.

From churches and clubs to homes, displaying video or HDTV requires a display that fits the budget and requirement. They can be installed with all aesthetic considerations in mind. Hide them, frame them, or just get them in the right place. Drop down designs or curtain draws, projection or LCD, dB Designs has done them all and can achieve the desired result, the first time!. Allow us to explore all the options you may require for your installation. Media servers, MP3 displays, internet monitoring and surveillance cameras, are some of the many options. Allow us to set up a centralized viewing experience that saves you time and money and yet focuses your viewing needs in one spot!

Sound and video a la mode.

Multiroom audio and video means parties, teenagers and guests can all co-exist in harmony, in your home. XM, FM CD MP3, HDTV, and more, can be sent independantly throughout your house. Getting the most for your money requires careful elimination of innapropriate systems, and, in that process, selecting the one that does the job. We never push any one product, just the right one for you. With the many equipment choices available to a dB Designs client, we do the very best to select the correct components for you, and your budget!. In most cases the right system is not the most expensive one!

Security and Peace of Mind.

Cameras can offer much in the way of peace of mind. Their mere presence can stop most intrusion in its tracks, and, having a twenty four hour archive of activity in your home is enough to give the others pause. Accessing surveillance while you are away can allow peace of mind during a well deserved trip or vacation. Recording activities of contracted persons in your absence is always an option, should an unsavory character slip under your radar. dB Designs can install and work with many current brands to suit your budget. Cameras may be viewed on any TV/LCD in your home, or from any internet access with display. Use surveillance as a countermeasure and own more peace of mind!!.

Controlling components should be easy.

From being alerted of a temperature condition in your home while you are away, to controlling lights in your theater, remote controls can take on many different tasks. dB Designs specializes in pairing the correct control type with budgets and desired effect. Too many systems suffer from poorly programmed controls, and the resulting, confusion. When it comes to remotes, less is always more! Trust dB Designs with your system and let us do our job. Universal brand remotes are but a few of the control options. We recommend only what is required to solve control problems, not more than you need. dB Designs takes pride in simplifying overly complex systems.

Fully dedicated theater design for a dB Designs client in New England.
Surround system design with Genelec speakers for a dB Designs client in Massachusetts.
Custom fabricated cover plate for touch screen interface for a dB Designs client in New England.
Dome camera installation for dB Designs commercial client in Rhode Island.
Radio Frequency remotes are typical of many basic dB Designs installations.
dB Designs networks offer simple solutions to complex problems.
Reinforcement system install by dB Designs in Providence, Rhode Island
One of many dB Designs resturaunt sound installations.
Worlds first live sound reinforcement crew!!!!
384 point tt custom design patch bay by dB Designs.
Our 24 buss digital demo studio.

Worship Centers
Music ministries enhanced by great sound and design.

Cost effective, clear, quiet, and easy to use. No sound system is installed with these results without decades of experience to put into the concept. Doing homework at dB Designs means pairing a design with a requirement from you with careful advice and planning. Classes for operators with industry live sound veterans completes the end of the design process. Many equipment products to choose from will accomodate all ranges of budgets, holding down unnecessary costs. dB Designs excels in relating and explaining the correct protocols for stage and house mixing of sound. This allows for operators, staff and musicians, to work as a team for a better worship experience.

Bars, Clubs, & Restaurants
"Pump up the jams!"

Need a punchy, well sculpted sound? Need a system to cover dance and live music and anything in between? dB Designs can create and install a system that any kind of client will love . After years of making people dance, and mixing bands, dB Designs delivers a unique but tailored sound system that will keep people coming back to your venue. Lighting packages available as well. Get the most bang for your venue buck. dB Designs offers cost effective options to improve playback and live music. Poorly thought out and implemented systems will not entice patrons to attend like they should. We specialize in tailoring a package that will be effective for your needs and budget!

Live Sound
Impact, Clarity, and Reliability.

Does your band's image suffer simply because they are not being heard? Getting your voice out in a clear, and in some cases, loud fashion, is critical to get feet moving on the dance floor, and keep people talking about your performance. Let dB Designs revise and augment your existing system or build you a road-ready new one. Classes and education on a personal basis are available . Equipment trouble??, let us help. Some basic repair and upgrade in the right place may be all you need to greatly improve your band experience for the masses. With the myriad of equipment choices, itís easy to make a poor selection. Let us explain your options and help you select whatís best for your sound and budget!!!

System Upgrades & Education
Equipment and knowledge to improve your sound.

Regardless of your sound system, sometimes, you just need an upgrade. Churches, bands, studios, and clubs all can benefit from an upgrade from time to time. At dB Designs, we have found that education of the client can solve many problems associated with a clients particular difficulty. Be it bad sound, poor equipment, or misinformation, dB Designs can assist in fixing your sound system, or just learning more about it. Years of live, studio and installation experience will enable us to answer most of your questions, and, if not, we will certainly find the answers for you. A tremendous improvement in your system may be as simple as basic rewiring or replacing a few key components.

Studio Services
Band work demos.

A quick, clear representation of your band goes a long way to getting you gigs. Let us do a quick demo for your band. Pre-production service to enhance your result, is available as well. A quick and simple demo can be easily augmented with some extra planning and free time on our part. Reasonable packages and rates are available. A full TT patch bay system, tying together Avalon, API, Tube Tech, and Lexicon processing, will allow for the sweetening of your tracks. Roland, Akai and Emu modules available as well. In house drums and some backline may offer convenient alternatives to lugging your own rig. Please feel free to consult with us on your project and work out a time when we can record.